Monday, May 6, 2013

English Version

Hi All!

This blog, is written in english but also in Spanish.

First of all I'd like to explain all about the language why is it in english? Why also in Spanish?
Well.. there are some reasons.. first, I'd like my blog to arrange the widest amount of people and everyone knows that nowadays english is the 'Global Language'.

I'd also like to improve my english, and as you may have already noticed I'm not english and I have a lot to learn and improve. Now that we are hear I would like to apologize for my mistakes which can be sometimes a little bit funny, you'll noticed.

Like I've said in the Spanish version, I think this could be useful for you too (more for spanish people than for english). If you nome some Spanish or you are learning it you could try to read some blog posts in Spanish, or you could as well read it first in English and then in Spanish (it's normally easier when you know what the blog post is about)

The Spanish version is the link on the right: Mi rincón chic.

So..  to finish, welcome to my blog! I hope that this blog will end up being your blog, a place where you can feel comfortable and find some useful things.

*A todos los que hablan español, esta es la versión inglesa de mi blog. Hay también la versión española. Es exactamente lo mismo.. así que ¡id a echar un vistazo! (Es el link que tenéis a la derecha: My rincón chic)


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